What can I expect from CP Cowie Builders? 

  • Your own personal Customer Service officer who is intimate with every detail of your works.
  • Regular site meetings with the builder
  • Safe and tidy worksite
  • Professional trades people who are committed to providing exceptional customer service

I have had builders not return my calls and not show up in the past, do I have a contact at CP Cowie Builders?

You will be provided your own Customer Service Officer who is responsible for keeping you up to date throughout your repairs.  The benefit for you is that you will have direct contact with appropriately trained staff who are intimate with every detail of the works.

Our Customer Services Officers have direct contact to all builders and subcontractors which ensures they are able to answer any of your questions quickly and accurately.


Will you stick to your written quote?

We provide you with a complete and competitive fixed price.  This allows you to know exactly what is included in the price.

Unforeseen circumstances may arise and at CP Cowie we will discuss these with you as soon as we are aware.  No action will be taken until all parties have agreed in writing on the next action.

This gives you a level of comfort that you will only pay for works you have authorised.


Is the site cleaned up at the end of every day?

Absolutely!  At CP Cowie Builders we pride ourselves on the standard of service we deliver.  All our staff are trained and support the CP Cowie expectations which focuses on high standards and attention to detail.


What consideration do you give to our neighbours?

CP Cowie Builders are aware of the Environment Protection Act which lists specific types of equipment and times their use is prohibited.

With regards to work that may impact your neighbours we will of course discuss this in detail with you prior to commencing.  We are also happy to assist with any conversations or documentation that your neighbours may require or benefit from.


Are you a registered builder?

We are licensed with the Queensland Building Services Authority (1094371) and a member of the Australian Housing Industry Association (902153).

We are also licensed in New South Wales (228273C).

By visiting the Building Services Authority website you can confirm our Queensland registration details. To confirm our New South Wales details please refer to the NSW Government Fair Trading website.


Do you have full liability insurance?

Yes. Public liability insurance is a legal requirement for all builders. CP Cowie Builders Public Liability covers us up to 20 Million Dollars.